Have you been learning English for a while now?​

You can read and understand most of what is said around you. Yet, you still feel that you’re not speaking as fluently as you want to – or as you need to.

Do you feel you might be losing opportunities, clients or customers because people can’t understand you properly?

Are you highly qualified in your field of work, but your English skills are limiting your employment opportunities?

Do you feel more anxious when in a pressured situation and your English goes downhill, limiting your ability to express yourself clearly even more?

If you answered YES to at least the first question, you’re in the right place!

This is not your fault! There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning fluent English. Not everybody’s learning curve and background language is the same. You haven’t received the personalised guidance and support you need until now to improve your speaking skills.

How would it feel...

  • to speak more naturally and confidently in the workplace?
  • to advance in your career or win that new client because you communicate powerfully?
  • to be understood by others in all situations?
  • to have better communication skills with clients & colleagues?
  • to gain confidence in public speaking?

I can help you! I've been there too.

I know what it feels like to not be able to communicate effectively to others in another language. The challenge of having to adapt to another country and culture.

Now, I am making it my mission to support people like you...

Hi, I’m Susie Garcia, an Australian-English Pronunciation & Speaking Skills Coach. I create customised language & pronunciation programs that will help you to express yourself clearly and confidently.

How do we do this?

Initial Free Consultation

  • With an initial free consultation we will determine your specific goals & needs. This will also enable me to analyse your speech patterns & to design a customised pronunciation & professional language improvement plan.

Learning Program

  • work together to change current speech habits by focusing on your unique pronunciation.
  • strengthen your understanding of Australian English.
  • work on your business English language needs: from the language needed for meetings or sales to general small talk for networking.
  • improve confidence levels & fluency through role-play training of business situations
  • learn how to make your English sound more fluent & natural

How do I help?

I can help you if you are a non-native English speaker, and you… 

  • Want to get a promotion 
  • Want to improve your interview skills
  • Need to improve your phone or in-person conversation skills with clients or customers, for both professionals or small business owners
  • Need to improve your business English to communicate effectively in the workplace: from learning to negotiate confidently to using small talk for networking, etc.
  • Want to improve your presentation skills for business or academic purposes
  • Lack confidence in communicating with others 
  • Want to talk clearly and fluently in Australian English

I can’t wait to work with you and to get you feeling empowered & confident in your English speaking skills.

Because I truly believe that no person should ever feel limited by language to communicate their skills, knowledge and desires.