Book a FREE Initial Consultation which will help us to get to know each other and determine your specific professional goals and needs.

This consultation consists of a 30-minute casual interview. It does not require any previous preparation and it is just a tool to help us create an action plan tailored to your needs.

Once we have established your goals, I will then use the initial consultation as the base for your first 5-Sessions Packaged Plan

5-Sessions Packaged Plan

So, why start with 5 sessions?

Simply put, sometimes you just want to find out if you want to work with me. 

From a learning perspective, improving pronunciation & speaking skills requires practice and a minimum amount of time. 

In our first 5-Sessions Packaged Plan, we will focus on the most significant elements of pronunciation particular to the influence of your first language. 

Most ESL learners tend to have difficulties distinguishing certain consonant or vowel sounds. It is mainly because these sounds do not exist in their language. Though, aspects such as stress and intonation can also have a major impact on comprehensibility. 

Some learners will only need to improve very few sounds or hardly any. So, in this case, we would target advanced pronunciation skills blended with Business English skills right from the start.

How long are the sessions?

Each session has a duration of 60 minutes and is delivered once a week. During the week you will be provided with “Practice Time”. These are tasks to help you practice what you’ve just learnt.

As each person’s goals & learning curve is distinct, some clients will need a few more sessions to reach them. This will be discussed in our initial consultation depending on your particular needs and goals.

What can I learn?



Packaged Plans


  • 1:1 Online Zoom Coaching Sessions (60 minutes duration/session)

  • Australian-English speaking & listening coaching

  • Refining & improving current speech habits to sound more fluent & natural

  • Working on your specific business English language needs

  • Role-play training of business situations to improve confidence levels & fluency

  • Learning to communicate effectively by means of real-life language use

  • Speech analysis of the initial consultation for the first 5 sessions

  • Speech analysis of speaking tasks to check for progress

  • Resources tailored to your needs to help you practice in your own time until our next session



5 Sessions Package

$395 AUD
  • Initial free consultation
  • Total 5 Sessions

15 Sessions Package

$1185 $945 AUD
  • Initial free consultation
  • Total 15 Sessions
  • more than 20% OFF

My aim is to help you as an English Second Language speaker to improve:

Your pronunciation skills so you can be understood in all situations.

Your language usage for your specific professionals needs.

Your confidence levels so you can feel empowered while speaking to others.